Calling all tugboats!!!  The 2018 tugboat registration for participation in the
World’s Largest Vintage Tugboat Races and Show will open in early spring.
Bring your tug and make history come alive!
Congratulations to Tug Cedar King for selection as the 2018 Logo Tugboat for the
45th annual Olympia Harbor Days Vintage Tugboat Races and Festival.

Keep the tugs coming to Olympia Harbor Days!!
Make a donation on this site, mail in a donation or make a donation at the festival.
Show them the love!  2017 Participating Tugs were:



Please enjoy our monthly feature — Tug of the Month by Les Eldridge, South Sound Maritime Heritage Association (SSMHA) President, for Olympia Harbor Days, an Olympia Kiwanis Club event.  This collection is  based on “Tugboats on Puget Sound,” by Chuck Fowler and Capt. Mark Freeman, Arcadia Publishing, 2009, available at bookstores, boating stores and other retail outlets throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Tug Thea Belle Tug of the Month July 2017 – Thea Belle
Tug Comanche Tug of the Month June 2017 – Comanche 
Tug Patrón Tug of the Month May 2017 – Patron
Tug Parthia
 Tug of the Month April 2017 – Parthia
Tug Cedar King Tug of the Month March 2017 – Cedar King
Tug Teal Tug of the Month February 2017 – Teal
Tug Galene Tug of the Month January 2017 – Galene
Tug Sand Man Tug of the Month December 2016 – Sand Man
Tug Joe & Foss Launch & Tug Co.  Tug of the Month November 2016 – Joe


The festival started in 1974, however the logo did not appear right away.  The design was developed in 1983 with Tug Sand Man being the first logo boat.   Click OHD Logo Boat History for a complete listing.


A big THANK YOU to all skippers and crew for participating in the 2017 Olympia Harbor Days Festival and Tugboat Race!  We are so grateful for all who navigate their tugs, both small and large, down to the south sound.  Congrats to the winners and all who raced!  Job well done! And once again, congrats to the Tug teal for being selected as the 2017 logo boat. We look forward to seeing you again in 2018!  Toot Toot!

TUGBOAT winners OHD 2017!!!

Small Tugs                                  Place
Geraldine                                    1st
Cedar King                                 2nd
Teal                                               3rd
Thea Belle                                  4th
Atka                                              5th
Danni K                                       6th
Large Tugs
R.W. Confer                               1st
Patricia Ann                              2nd
Patron                                          3rd

Tug race course length/ Budd Inlet:  1. 8 miles
Start line boat:  My Girl/ Le Perry, race official
Finish line boat:  Spirit of Olympia/ Chuck Fowler, race official

We often host the historic c1944 World War II 143 foot long Rescue tug USN ATA 202 with a Battle Star for combat and former (1959-1980) US Coast Guard Cutter COMANCHE at Olympia Harbor Days.  Unfortunately she has not been able to attend in a number of year.  Thank you for supporting her with you donations for her repairs.  We are hoping to see her in teh Olympia Harbor in 2018.

Please keep the tugs coming to Olympia Harbor Days by sending a donation to: Olympia Harbor Days, PO Box 2875, Olympia WA 98507.  This is the last remaining Tugboat Show & Races in WA and the World’s Largest Vintage Tugboat Race.! (Please note that tugboat rides are not available during the festival due to WA State Licensing and Insurance restrictions.)
Keep up to date on last minute changes on Facebook at Olympia Harbor Days.


Tugboat Registration for Olympia Harbor Days 2018 will open in the spring.  Skippers, please call 360-556-0498 with questions!   All registered Tugboat Skippers will receive a current year Fleece Logo Vest and Logo Cap and are honored at our annual Skippers Dinner.

Have questions?  Email info@harbordays.com.

We have a new address so please update your records:

Olympia Harbor Days – Tugboats
PO Box 2875
Olympia, WA 98507

For tug lovin kids — Color and name your own tugboat and send us a photo and we will post on our social media pages!!   Tug Coloring Pagedouble-tree-logoNeed a land-side sleeping room?  DoubleTree Inn, the official Olympia Harbor Days hotel, right in the hub of the action.  For a beautiful room, view and amazing service, book now!  Be sure to ask for the festival discounted rate!  Just call the hotel directly at 360-570-0555, select option #2 and ask for the OHD rate of $149.00 plus tax per night.  The rate is NOT available through central corporate reservations.