43 Years of Tugboats, Arts & Crafts, Food, Music and Fun!

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Bagpipes on Cedar King by Drew Phillips.  Greetings from Olympia Harbor Days  Capitol and Waterfront

In 1973, the first Olympia Harbor Days took place.  What is Olympia Harbor Days?  It is an annual Labor Day weekend festival dedicated to the celebration of maritime heritage, which began as a gathering of tugboaters and a small showing of artists along Percival Landing in Olympia, Washington.

It has grown to be one of the South Sound’s largest and most loved maritime festivals, often with as many as 30 tugboats, and over 150 arts & crafts, commercial, non-profit and food booths filling Percival Landing and the Port Plaza.

The crown jewel of Olympia Harbor Days is the Tugboat race!  This is where tugboats compete against one another based on engine size.  As these small but powerful boats race for the finish line, the excitement and competition is high. (And so is the wake they leave behind.)  You must be on a boat, a beach comber or local waterfront homeowner on Budd Bay, in the deep channel of South Puget Sound to watch this yearly challenge, but as the tugs return to the dock, news spreads of who won or what dramatic races took place.

Whether you’re a boating enthusiast, an arts and crafts shopper or simply someone in search of a tasty trip down Food Alley, enjoy this end of summer celebration and a relaxed saunter along the docks! Olympia Harbor Days has something in store for you.  See you there!

2016 Olympia Harbor Days FAQ

A Labor Day Tradition

photo by Augustina

The Kiwanis Club of Olympia

The Kiwanis Club of Olympia, www.olympiakiwanis.org,  was chartered September 15, 1921. It was the first club in the Olympia area and is still the largest and most active. Olympia Kiwanis has been and continues to be one of the leading clubs in the district. As a faithful servant to our community and children, Kiwanis puts on Olympia Harbor Days Maritime Festival and Tugboat Races, encouraging FREE family interaction, fun, and community enrichment.

The Olympia Kiwanis Club has several major projects you can participate in: Olympia Harbor Days, Roast beef booth to raise money, Firewood Crew, Olympia High School Key Club, Youth and Community Services, Kiwanis Garden, are just a few. Interested applicants can download an application.

The Olympia Kiwanis Foundation is committed to the
non-discriminatory treatment of all members, contracted persons or companies and the delivery of services and resources.

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